Join and get bonus reward

Do you have some fund available and are looking after passive income. Start investing via p2p(peer to peer) platforms: join online crowd-investing platform Envestio.

By registering at Envestio using Invite link you will get a “First Deposit” bonus amount of EUR 7 as soon as you replenish your investment account for a minimum amount of EUR 100 for the first time. I have tried this already and within the same day when your money is in the account of Envestio you get automatically the bonus being paid. Now is a great time to join, as when I joined was 5 EUR. Here is the status of my account after less than one month:

Moreover, you will automatically join “Timespan” bonus program, which will bring you 0,5% cashback from the total amount of investments made through Envestio platform for the next 270 days.

Please don’t forget that you need to sign up right after using the Invite link in order to be able to claim your offer.

‘ Invest your funds now, and start generating additional income right away! ‘ Envestio.

Is great to see that the interest rates are higher than other platforms for p2p and they come with a buy back gurantee. The projects are very exciting. Here is a list of existing projects as of 04 October 2018:

Strategy I followed: so far I invested in 2 projects, 50 EUR and 55 EUR respectively:

Project 1: EN018022 ‘ Construction of Modern “Slowfood” Street Market’ (this is real estate)

Here is the projetc page:

Project 2: EN018035. This project has been fully funded and do not have access anymore to the project page

Wish you great returns with the investment platform. For any questions I am available via email:

Nice to see there is an affiliate program, that is generating interest and higher returns.

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