Free credit card: Zero Fees and Commission for Mastercard Gold – Germany

Maybe same as me you are an expat in Germany and have a EC card or a current normal bank account with PostBank, Sparkasse or other major banks from Germany. With this big institutions is hard to qualify for a credit card and even when you do qualify, they will charge you a yearly fee or in other cases some monthly fee for the credit card.

So apart from making it hard to get a credit card, by providing many documentations and going throught a registration process that is complex, you also have to pay for the service. Well, not anymore. Eight months ago I discovered this bank Advanzia Bank S.A that was established in Luxembourg in 2005. As I was doing my research, with Advanzia, having a credit card is the fastest and easiest way to do it, I checked by myself and indeed it is true. You do not need to go to the post office or do any video identifications of your documents as with other credit cards providers. This is a very big plus as it goes fast.

Do you want a credit card? and need one for day to day or when travelling? by inserting my unique voucher code, you will get 40 EUR as credit, bonus, extra for free, as a referal coming from me. Here is the code to insert:


To qualify for this promotion you need to be a new client(do not already owne a credit card with Advanzia). You would register and make a payment as soon as possible after you have received your credit card by post. You can make this payment online or even buy something from the supermarket. In Berlin, I can use the card at Lidl, Netto or Real.

Here are the steps for registration:

1. Click on this link : and insert basic data as:

Anrede / Title: Mr or Mrs

Vorname / First Name:

Nachname / Last Name:

Nationalität / Nationality:

PLZ / Postal Code / Zip:

Ort / City:

Straße / Street:

Nr. / Number:

Mobile Phone:

Geburtsdatum / Birthday:

Geburtsort / Place of Birth:

Wohnsitz / Country of Residence:


PS: If you want, you can provide me this data and I will insert & register it if for you with the bank.

2. Select the value that apply to your current situation. This are qualifying questions for your profile:

a) What is your netto income, select a range from the first box

b) How long have you been living for, at the actual place of residence

c) Insert a password and repeat it. Password will be used for login in to your account over the web and in the app

d) Wohnart / What type of house you have? renting or owning a house.

e) Family status: married or single.

It asks if you already have an existing credit card from Visa, Mastercard or others. If not elect, Keine / None

Tick the box for terms and conditions

PS: Very important: insert the voucher code provided, so that you benefit from the promotion and receive the bonus:


Lastly, click on ‘Jetzt senden’ / send button. You will receive confirmation via email, straight away. Withing 1- 2 weeks you will receive via post, snail mail, the instructions on how to proceed and activate your card. You will need to call customer service for the activation.

Will be able to help if you need more assistance. Contact me at:

Enjoy your free credit card. Here are the benefits of this card and the price list:


Price List
Card fees Prices
Annual fee (permanent) 0, – Euro
Foreign service charge (worldwide) 0, – Euro
Cash withdrawal fee worldwide at the counter / ATM 0, – Euro
Card shipping 0, – Euro
Card lock 0, – Euro
Emergency replacement card 0, – Euro
Replacement card 0, – Euro
Replacement PIN (PIN) 0, – Euro
Duplicate invoice 0, – Euro
Address search 0, – Euro
Billing (postage) 0, – Euro
Credit interest rates / costs Prices
Debit interest on your purchases (settlement of the total invoice amount at maturity) 0%
Debit interest on your purchases using the partial payment option, 19.94% p.a. Effective interest rate from the day of the transaction, nominally 1.53% per month
Debit interest on cash disbursements (cash withdrawal, transfers / money transfers, purchase of cryptocurrencies), 19.94% p.a. Effective interest rate from the day of the transaction, nominally 1.53% per month
Exceeding the credit limit at the time of monthly billing by more than 3% but at least by 50, – Euro 3, – Euro *
* The customer is allowed to prove that the bank suffered no or minor damage

The total amount is the sum of the credit line (net loan amount) and the total cost of the loan. The total costs include both the agreed debit interest and the other costs incurred in connection with the credit agreement, insofar as these are known to Advanzia. The total cost calculation is based on the data for calculating the annual percentage rate of charge.

The calculation of the annual percentage rate of interest is based on the following assumptions:

– The loan is fully utilized from the first day of the repayment term and granted for a period of one year.
– The net loan amount is € 1,000.
– The loan amount is repaid with 12 equal monthly payments starting one month after the first day of the repayment term. With the last payment of the cardholder the balance, the interest and any costs are balanced.

Assuming the credit card used, the total amount for purchases is € 1,100.14, assuming the credit card is equal to € 1,100.84 for cash advances (cash withdrawal, transfer / transfer, purchase of cryptocurrency).



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