Listing and registering property on Hostelworld .com

I Will Register And List Your Property On HostelWorld

Helping with your online Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy.

List your home with the world’s largest travel community

  • Guests search and find the perfect place ā€” yours.
  • They automatically book their stay at your place via the booking website
  • Global reach: Your listing appears on HostelWorld sites all over the world, maximizing your potential income.

Contact me to register and list your property on this famous portal to increase your revenue and cash flow.

If you already registered your property with HostelWorld and you did not receive any response sine long time. Then this is the right place for you, as I have the needed connections and network to find out what is the status with your registration.

Sometimes, I have to investigate who is the market manager for your country or even for your region and contact them, wait for a reply or even call them directly to see how we proceed.

Therefore, there is a tedious and sometime hard process to make your property LIVE on HostelWorld. In some cases, requiring to register again your property and then follow-up properly to make sure that your property is bookable online. For this case, there will be an excel document to be filled by the property and then I will take care of the rest.

Delivery time would be from 2 weeks until 4 weeks. Depending on the booking channel response times.

Given the complexity of the task, this is not a free service or friend and family community help. Based on experience, I have registered in the past properties that are now happily receiving bookings and increasing revenue, with no retribution. But in the end: time is money.

If you want to hire this professional service: it costs 39 EUR.

There is option to pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer

For any additional information and clarifications I am available via email:

PS: Will not be able to guaranty that your property will be listed on HostelWorld. In the end is the decision of the booking website and I can not influence it. But I will 100% obtain a reply for you from HostelWorld. in 90% of the cases the properties that I managed have been listed successfully.



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