Free ride with COUP! special promotion voucher code: DHYM-6RLM-GAXP

Coup scooter sharing is an excellent way to move around a busy city as Berlin or Paris, using electric technology powered by batteries. Have been using the electric scooters since they were launched and arrived in Berlin in March 2016, to meet friends in the evening or getting to work or home. It so easy to use, fun, fast and convenient that you want to ride again and again.



Using the same sharing concept as Car2Go or DriveNow, with costs considerably lower and very affordable: 1 eur for 10 minutes. The minimum start ride is 30 minutes and after the first 30 minutes time is measured in intervals if 10 minutes. All is included, helmet, insurance and electric energy 🙂 here is the link to the official website:

Be my special guest and accept a special promotion using the below voucher code.

I’d like to give you a free ride with COUP:


With COUP, you can borrow an eScooter, like with a car sharing app.

You can find our iOS and Android apps here:



Enter the voucher code before your first booking to get your free ride.


Have fun!

Some pictures of the gogoro coup scooters:





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