How I made 178 eur with Airbnb

In total I have earned 178eur with Airbnb. Is so nice to receive emails from airbnb notifying me that somebody new has registered with their service and are about to either host a guest or rent a room for their next travel and enjoy a unique Airbnb experience.

During March 2018, I have made 158 eur via Airbnb by referring people to register and use the airbnb booking platform. Everybody that has a room or space and wants to use it as shot term rental or long term, is eligible to become an airbnb host and create an airbnb listing. I have already helped few people set-up their Airbnb account. So feel free to contact me for help. Also if you are in love with traveling, and are a world tourist, just like me, you may join Airbnb and earn extra credit to be redeemed on your next journey.

Here is proof of the credit earned already. You can see it on the top right corner. Looking forward in booking my next trip and experience via Airbnb, using my travel credit earned.


How do you get started? Earn your first 30 eur with Airbnb and start renting a room. Just register using the referral link provided by me:


Support and help

For additional information and help, reach me via email:

PS: Also, you may need somebody to help you connect this channel to your channel manager and PMS(Property Management System) or just looking for some tips…



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