How to register and advertise on GTA Travel – Channel Manager [edition 2017]

With the slogan: ‘Powering global travel’, GTA supports the independent travel industry for over 40 years. Pillars for growth: wealth of experience, privileged relationships and on the ground expertise, technology solutions that easily connect travel suppliers and sellers worldwide, helping customers profit.

Who best than to talk about what they do:

‘ GTA have been scouring the globe for nearly four decades to create a vast inventory of hotels and unique ground travel products and services for our partners and clients.

We supply retail travel agents and wholesalers, tour operators and online travel agents (OTAs) the content to create truly exceptional travel experiences.

With products sourced from over 45,000 travel suppliers, we provide over 50,000 properties and 15,000 destination services from more than 185 countries worldwide.

GTA is a world leader in the provision of ground travel products and services to the fully independent travel industry. We have been the power behind some of the biggest and best in travel for decades. They trust us to deliver because of our wealth of experience, privileged relationships and on the ground expertise.

We scour the globe to build a portfolio of tens of thousands of accommodation options, tour guide and transfer services, unique experiences, city tours, excursions, attraction tickets and restaurants from more than 50,000 suppliers in 185 countries. These supplier partners profit from dedicated extranets giving them full and flexible control of inventory, rates, yield and reservations.

Renowned for our competitiveness, our global reputation and trustworthiness, our speed and power, reliable technology and booking sites – GTA retail, TravelCube and TravelBound in North America, as well as GTA wholesale – connect travel wholesalers, retail and online travel agents, tour operators and consolidators worldwide to this vast portfolio of global travel content. We give them greater choice and control over how they market and sell travel product to their customers in 190 countries.

Powering global travel – and providing the best value and service experience while we do – we process over 21,000 bookings, electronically and efficiently, every day and sell 12 million room nights in more than 25 languages online and throughout the world.’

1. Register Now / Sign Up

Click here to add your property by following the registration link. Click on the button ‘Click here and list your property’ and fill in the contact form. GTA Hotel Extranet is an easy to use online tool that enable to interact directly with the GTA reservation system.

GTA - form

2. Confirmation email

After you have filled the form, following confirmation email is to be found in the email inbox:


Somebody from GTA travel is to get in touch and help with next steps

Support and help

After having done the above mentioned steps, you may still have questions or maybe after some time you did not receive a response GTA.  Would be more than happy to provide support to receive more online bookings, reservations and happy guests. For questions and additional information, you may reach me via email:





4 thoughts on “How to register and advertise on GTA Travel – Channel Manager [edition 2017]

    1. Hi Clauzone, thanks for your reply. I’ve made contact with a person in the London office who has helped but I still haven’t made contact with the office in Australia. I will persist. I’m curious if it’s a good idea to contact hotelbeds. Thanks again


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