How to advertise on Hotel Bonanza – Channel Manager [UPDATED 2017]

Hotel Bonanza OTA exists to solve following problem of online travel agents (OTAs) charging between 15%-30% commission on every booking. Accommodation providers are forced to raise their prices, meaning guests pay more. Main winner is the OTA and is most countries, they also make properties agree not to sell cheaper on their own website, which means there is virtually no price competition.

The solution suggested by hotel bonanza: 8% commission per booking, which means accommodation providers have more money to spend on their guests. The booking website give Bonanza Club members a discount every time they book, which is take out of Hotel Bonanza commission, meaning accommodation providers don’t pay a penny. Sell for the price you want on your own website.

Find out how to register, list and on board your property hotel, villa or apartment on the new ota: Hotel Bonanza.

  1. Register Now / Sign Up

    Click here to add your property by following the registration link. Click on ‘Join Us’ and fill in the contact form.


2. Password insertion

Channel is asking to enter a password to begin registration.


3. Extranet access

After password has been inserted, direct access to Hotel Bonanza extra net is granted.

Sections from the right side have to be filled with corresponding information.


4. Email verification

Email has be to validated by clicking on the ‘verify email’ button. This communication is sent automatically after registration is done


Welcome email will be received with invitation to continue registration.


After having done the above mentioned steps, you may still have questions or maybe after some time you did not receive a response. Would be more than happy to provide support with your online booking business. For questions and additional information, you may reach me via email:



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