How to advertise on Expedia – Channel Manager Expedia [UPDATED 2017]

The booking giant Expedia brags about driving high volume traffic from Expedia sites network: over million monthly site visits. Below you find the brands of their network:


You may be interested to know how to advertise your holiday bungalow, cottage, hotel, villa or property in Expedia. Therefore there are many benefits for listing and registering your property with the booking website.

( Updated post from related Expedia registration process)

Reasons for signing with Expedia

As advertised on official website of the booking website:


How to register, list and sign in

  1. Register Now

    Click here to add your property and fill in the contact form. Easy registration in 1 minute and having a profile is totally free!


2. Contact in the next 2 hours

Expedia mentions that 2 within next 2 hours a sales experts will send a tailored offer and ask a few more details. The faster you respond, the sooner you’ll start selling. This is very optimistic response time and in some cases may be possible.


3. Property  set up in the next few days

Sign the received contract online (the link will be sent via email), and fill in Payment and Billing information. Provide 20 high resolution photos, best rates and availability or synchronization with channel manager. Having an automated system saves you a lot of time and frees you from errors.

For help with automated channel manager, feel free to contact at:

4. Final check and start selling globally

Expedia will call for a final quick check before starting selling on all booking websites (,, …) Gain total control and manage your property activity any time online, including arrivals, rates and inventory.


After having done the above mentioned steps, you may still have questions or maybe after some time you did not receive a response. Would be more than happy to provide support with your online booking business. For questions and additional information, you may reach me via email:





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