Hotel profile radiography

As property owner you have asked yourself or are at this moment looking for responses to what makes day to day operations easier, driver more guests, increases your revenue and benefits. For a complete examination, following questions arise:

  • What target public do you have?

This point refers to which type of guests are coming to you at this moment and what do you target or wish to receive in the future. Tourists may be classified into:

– National/local or International

-Business or leisure, reasons for visiting your hotel property

  • Are your rooms  advertised with on travel agencies and wholesellers? Like HotelBeds

Apart from traditional business and OTA’s, wholeseller agencies have contracts with tourist operators and travel agencies where rooms are promoted, reaching a different public.

  • Do you get direct bookings from your website?

Question to ask is: ‘If I were to come to your website, what do I have to do to make a reservation?’ Is the process fully automated so that as a guest I see real time availability and prices. Moreover, will I get an instant booking confirmation on my email?


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