How to register and list hotel with (TripAdvisor)

This article describes how you to list your property (hotel,villa, apartment or rooms)  on Ctrip with the objective of receiving more online bookings, meaning new guests. Therefore increasing your property revenue. Below are the steps to follow for the registration prcess:

1. Register by using the link:

Basic information is needed as Name, Email and Password is needed to create an account.


2. HolidayLettings Extranet

Once basic data has been inserted, an account is being opened directly, landing directly on the extranet of the booking portal. 7 steps need to be completed as Location, Property Details, Rates/taxes/fees and so on.


Possibility to sync TripAdvisor Calendar with similar booking websites as HomeAway, Airbnb, Google.


After having done the above mentioned steps, you may still have questions or maybe after some time you did not receive a response. Would be more than happy to provide support with your online booking business. For questions and additional information, you may reach me via email:




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