Human nature – reflection on first contact


as humans we are going after the easy path by nature. This means, we want things to happen fast, we expect immediate results, we are defensive and slack to think. I tested how we reach with hundred, even thousand, business calls. First thought is, what does this person want from me?

They get impatient and ask directly, what is the price. We want and need to put a value – nowadays price on it, as most of the things in our life have become commodities. Rarely we find value, symbolic features attached to the brands and services we have in our lives.

There is a way to combat this defensiveness and show/communicate the love from inside, the pure motives and improvement methodologies. The strategy is to be called an art, and very few master it. Are you one of the chosen ones?


create, transmit and implement value back into our lives and the existence of others.



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