Partner Hotel – we invest in your Property

You took the best decision considering this article that demonstrates how to optimize  online performance to get higher number of bookings at international level and maximize the benefit, meaning more profit at the end of each month.

Cultuzz Digital Media – is a company based in Berlin (Germany), founded in 2004, specialized in online distribution. A  central ‘hub’ for all reservation systems and platforms. During this time, we acquired knowledge and contacts to bring you more tourists.

Since 2016 we began to invest in accommodations of Romania. Being a reliable partner for + 1500 properties. We work only with well-chosen and exclusive units such as Conacul Din Ardeal, Boutique Hotel Belvedere or Oblique Villa


We study each property individually and asset to see if is compatible for a collaboration in order to improve, optimize and drive extra bookings. See if your property passed the qualification process by writing at:

What are the project milestones?

1. Increase online visibility by listing on as many channels as suitable for your area
  Hotelbeds, Expedia, Venere,,,, TravelRepublic, Lateroom, Despegar
2. Direct reservations via the booking button, as in the case:
3. Continuous optimization through: new systems, coaching, Vacation Packages
Our goal is to bring an additional revenue of at least 900eur / month due to improvements and optimizations that we will accomplish together. We want to be your trusted and reliable partner when comes to your hotel or property as we have a well connected network and necessary tools for 3.0 digital era.

What we do for you? and how much time we invest?

– Open an Account for channel management with
10 minutes

– Account setup with rooms categories and related offers
45 minutes

– Cloning system, for correct availability and prices, introducing block-out, close sales.
35 minutes

– Opening new channels such as Expedia, Venere or It involves the application for the contract, completing it with you.
60 minutes

– Booking channel settings that involve: setting up rooms types, choosing the appropriate options, such as the services included, the location of the property, upload pictures on the platform, transforming images in the appropriate format to achieve high resolution. Quality score, improvements to be first in platforms results
120 minutes

– Production booking button for direct bookings and connecting rooms
30 minutes

– Coaching and training to bring out maximum benefits
20 minutes

– Continuous assistance every week and month for new offers or questions
60 minutes / 80 minutes

Total 400 minutes
7:00 hours

I want to repeat that for us this is an investment we know will be beneficial for both sides. Therefore, we provide our expertise, contacts and system necessary to get the promised results. After 6 months analyzing the results. Like any investment, we expect to participate of your success, and if there is synergy after 6months we talk about reasonable compensation. Half a year to get all the benefits mentioned, no cost and no obligation.

May I ask you:
How much would a hotel pay for such a project?
How much would it cost to hire a revenue manager and a marketing manager?
Is it easy to find a reliable person who has also the needed experience?

Get all access to you own personalized package by writing to:

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