How to register and list hotel with safarinow


We shall start with a small introduction of this booking extranet that comes from South Africa. For this purpose the section About SafariNow, from their website helps us. They clain to have a portfolio of over 22.000 establishments and more than half a million monthly visitors. SafariNow is Africa’s most established accommodation booking network’

The booking website has been active for more than 15 years and is aiming to mantain its market position and gain international recognition.

Following lines of this article is describing how you can enroll and list your property on SafariNow in order to receive more online reservations and increase the number of bookings. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. There are 3 options to register with SafariNow: to book accommodation, to add your establishment or to join an affiliate/corporate Program. Elect the middle option after clicking this link:


2.  You will arrive to the below link, that request you fill in the name of your establishment or hotel along with contact details. After doing so, click on Get Started!


3. After completing the registration form, you are directed to the extranet, your user interface from where you are to do the settings of your property. Will be able to help you with this step. You can write to:


4. You are to receive an email that is confirming your registration and allows you to access your listing.


In case you forgot to do the settings or list your property, within 10 days you will receive a reminder via email. Like the one below:


Maybe you would appreciate some help while listing your hotel on SafariNow booking platform, would be happy to help. Contact me via email on: or by leaving a comment on this post.



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