Customer Alliance-Channel Manager and market place launch


Reviews, feedback, comments are of great interest for every hotel to take smart decisions and convince more guests to come and book their stay. As stated on the web of Customer Alliance, they are a Berlin-Based company offering smart solutions for the hospitality industry. And who better to describe their activity than themselves:

‘We collect, analyze, distribute, and integrate customer-centric data to provide valuable insights for your operational and strategic decisions. Since officially starting in 2009, Customer Alliance has converted thousands within the worldwide hospitality industry to our solutions. Customer Alliance is a ~100-person strong, multinational team from various backgrounds in the hospitality industry. We love what we do- consulting and supporting you and your business.’

Customer Alliance is a dynamic company with deep insight into the hospitality industry. The review company understands the needs of each property and wants to empower hotels with high end technology solutions by launching it’s own market place.

Same as Google and Apple launched their own market place, Customer Alliance is determined to bring the best applications needed by every hotel in order to manage their reputation, organize their front office or increase their online visibility, along with extra bookings from a Channel Manager solution. Is great to see that Mappingmaster Channel Manager software for holiday units, guest houses and hotels is on the same page with high performance PMS solutions as Ibelsa and 5stelle*

Would you welcome more information on how to increase revenue and better market your hotel online on +90 websites? You should visits the Mappingmaster dedicated space, launched by Customer Alliance:

For a free diagnostic of your property, contact us under: online



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