Online Distribution Mappingmaster – Hotel Poesis, Satu Mare

I would like to dedicate this article to Hotel Poesis Satu Mare – Romania,  as I am pleasantly surprised by the profile of this hotel, with an aristocratic allure, kind of boutique property with furniture reminds me of medieval palaces. Very exclusive with a  delightful garden in the back. What most impressed  me is the dexterity of  Mrs. administrator , which has managed to discover the best promotion in terms of channel management, cloud based solution for her hotel.


There is a saying: ‘ If you search hard enough for something, you will find it‘ even in a country as Romania, where people are not used to search the Internet but are quickly to ask a friend or expect people to come by and convince them. Mrs administrator’s showed competence and expertise by researching the internet for offers when comes to channel manager; especially when the hotel only has 9 rooms. Which proves the hypothesis that any accommodation could use / need a channel manager. As the following article, that made sensation on LinkedIn, explains : How small is too small for a Channel Manager?

What makes the promotion so extraordinary? the 6luni free account that is to be tested free of charge, yes , without a penny, dollar, or euro; a technology which normally costs 900 – 1200eur / year. Where dis she find it? As our parents would say: on the Internet,jjaajaj :). Well brother, the Internet is a very big space. Let’s be more specific. Hotel Poesis, simply read the article: Free Channel Manager – online distribution in a single click – Free and followed the steps outlined. Simple? It seems so … I read a phrase the other day: ‘Opportunities are everywhere, but are not taken by everybody as they look like hard work.’

Again: Hotel Poesis, welcome to the world of online distribution via Mappingmaster – One Click Channel Manager solution.



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