Hoard – Sharing Simplified for Airbnb


in 2015 I have seen the idea of Keycafe (Key Exchange Simplified) founded in Vancouver, Canada and wanted to implement the same idea in Berlin as often I encountered myself with the following problem:Most I was not at home, neither to receive parcels nor to exchange keys with guests, friends or cleaning ladies. I tried to leave the keys with the coffe shop, that is around the corner in Berlin, but they would not accept as it was too much of a responsibility. I even offered them a royalty of few euros and they still did not accept.

That is how I started to think about the solution and at beginning of 2016, looked for similar solutions in Berlin and Hoard (Sharing Simplified) came across. So, somebody has been faster than me 🙂 since then I use their service and really happy with the platform that is so easy to use and can even pay with PayPal.

As they state: ‘Hoard solves that problem with a very simple mobile app: We build up a network of partner spots, e.g. drug stores, coffee shops, restaurants etc. These partner spots get a cheap smartphone with the pre-installed Hoard app. With this app it is possible to exchange easily and safely all sorts of things, keys, parcels, drilling machines etc.

In short: Hoard is like UBER, just without wheels.’ Love this late statement, everybody knows Uber by now.

Here is how simple and easy they state their 3 benefits:

  • Check in guests remotely, no matter where you are.
  • Choose from many partner stores in your neighbourhood.
  • Enable guests to check in 365 days a year, also late at night.


how to hoard

Book spot

Book a spot, get a Hoard code and share it with your guest.

how to hoard

Drop-off key

Go to the booked spot and drop-off your key.

how to hoard

Guest check-in

Your guest can pick up the key with the shared code.
Even the webdesign is so easy to follow and use. They have my 100% recommendation and referral.

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