HolidayPirates – affiliate marketing business success

As every successful business, HolidayPirates starts with an awesome story:


‘As a student, Igor travelled around the world for bargain prices: to Rio for €200, to Miami for €250 or one day to London for €50. In order to share his knowledge of cheap travel deals with the community, in 2011 Igor published the first HolidayPirates blog ( The hitherto unique concept quickly gained popularity, and as a result he joined with Sebastian in 2012 to found the company HolidayPirates GmbH. Today, is among Germany’s largest travel portals and is the leading social travel community for millions of Germans. ‘

The head offices are in Berlin, but they have sub-domains for many countries of the old continent, each being tailored with offers from that specific countries from the European Union.

How does the blog of Urlaubspiraten/HolidatPirates, make money? the answer is simple: affiliate marketing, for each click and eventually purchase, coming from their blog the company earns a certain revenue. And when you drive considerable traffic volumes, you are able to make a living from affiliate marketing, as business idea.

As an example and estimate: the German version produces 151.119 visitors/day and the English one 34.434 daily visitors.

Do you know any related websites for travel? please give some examples, so we keep ourselves up to date.




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