What we can learn from TripAdvisor?

First of all they know how to write catchy headlines to their emails, here are few examples:

  • clauzone, you’re on a roll: do you know how many people think your reviews are helpful?
  • you’ve attracted quite an audience

  • you’re a wealth of knowledge!

With this titles they make you curios to know how many people you reached, all about this number obsession predominant nowadays, how many impacts did I make? how many likes does my picture have? spot on and they give you the results in a nice dashboard:


It is impressive to see that 3 reviews, have reached 1,417readers and one of them alone, is number one with 770readers. I am happy to have helped so many people know what place to avoid and where is nice to stay.

Secondly, they reward you for your activity and give you points, badges and recognition on their platform. This generated engagement and a high return rate.

What lesson may feedback companies like eKomi(with Reputami), CustomerAlliance or TrustYou, implement in their systems? First of all you depend on users, that leave the reviews. So, create a user friendly environment along with a dashboard that measures the impact of their feedback. Secondly, provide badges and rewards for leaving more than one comment, this created loyalty to the brand and engagement with your platform.

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