What kind of business can you start with a laptop?

This article is inspired by a question that came from Quora, where somebody asked what king of business can he start with just a laptop. This person received 5 answers and I am convinced he deserves more options from where can may choose from.

DeathtoStock_Medium6If you have a laptop and know a coffee shop with wifi 🙂 you can start your own hospitality start-up with 0eur/usd or pesos. Same as did Alex, an European living in South Africa, that is empowering hotels, small holiday houses and villas with a centralized system for all their online reservations that come from Expedia, Hotels.com, SafariNow or HotelBeds. He is helping property owners to gain online visibility and more guests by listing them on new reservations websites, driving direct booking with a booking button at the same time that they have a central calendar, to organize everything and avoid manual entries.

You too can start your own business and financial independence, while generating passive income from a cloud-based, channel management solution. Once the account is set-up, he becomes your client and you obtain a generous revenue share.

Moreover, the company that sponsors this project is providing you with know-how, ongoing coaching, great networking possibilities for you to become successful. If you are interested, you can reach me under: onlinebookingshotels@gmail.com and will be happy to provide you more details.


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