What is easier to sell PMS or POS?

Let’s start with the beginning and define each term:

PMS: Property Management system for hotels and accommodation providers.

POS: Point of Sale for restaurants, bars or coffee shops – catering industry.


Both systems and solutions are nowadays cloud-based that is eliminating the high costs of hardware and initial investments in squiring fix terminals as in the past.

As discussed with a partner today 1st of August 2016, he mentions is easier and more profitable to sell POS than PMS as in the hospitality industry. Hotel owners are reluctant to new technology, also there is a market saturation with many competitors, complex configurations and margins of benefit are lower compared to restaurants.

Then as a conclusion, would recommend you become a reseller for a POS cloud-based solution and get started with your own business. Related article:

What king of business can you start with a laptop?


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