Free Channel Manager – online distribution in one click

How to obtain a free channel manager solution for your property? in order to see if the cloud based solution is bringing the desired/promised results for your hotel, hostel, guest house, villa, boutique hotel, villa or apartment. You just have to Click Here or access the link:

  1. Insert your email and elect a password –
    for a 6months free account that ends automatically at the end of the period.


You will be receiving the following email with a link to confirm and finish registration:

‘Welcome to MappingMaster,

Interested in creating an account at

Please enter your details by clicking on the following link:


Please disregard this email if you have not requested a MappingMaster account or contact us directly: Contact us <mailto:> .’


2. Fill in the below basic data and insert the voucher code FREE6 – to gain access to your free trial, with no costs or risks.


Provide the name of your property, phone number and elect between German and English Currency – insert the same as you have in

Contact Person is your full name

Voucher code is the one provided above for free channel management solution – cloud based system: FREE6

Click NEXT and your account is ready.

We want you to enjoy the best online experience? Increment the number of reservations, with increased online visibility and eliminate over bookings. Then start today 🙂

For support, you can write us to:



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