Why I will not sell you channel manager software?

Each property(hotel, hostel or holiday home) has unique ambient, specific price strategy, one or multiple offers per room category, revenue manager or marketing manager, or maybe not at all – the owner does it all. That is why each property is a different world on it’s own and can not be compared to the house next door. What is to be compared, improved and analyzed, is the online presence on multiple booking platforms or reservation websites.

Anecdote. One hotel owner, said once: tell me with how many hotels from my town use your channel manager solution, so that I see if your channel manager is good. Other told me: if my competition works with your cloud based solution, then I will not do it, jajajajaaj

Given so many factors involved in online distribution and reservations: you have to be very careful and go beyond the numbers. There is a trend in having rate shopping tools. What each hotel should experiment is a Channel Management solution to experiment for himself the benefits of the system and check if it works for him or not.

I will never sell you a channel manager, because I do no know the results we will obtain for your property in particular. Unless we give it a try and analyze the results after 3months or even 6months. After this period, we both may choose if we are continuing to collaborate on a longer term or remain friends 🙂

Experiment today the power of a centralized and automated system by contacting me at: onlinebookingshotels@gmail.com

But, how can you say you do not want/like something if you never tried it? Convince yourself and then we talk, you must fall in love with your channel manager provider and if you do not, we shall split apart.

fall in love with channel manager


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