channel manager software – not for you!

This post is inspired by an arrogant hotel owner, do not even know why are they managing a business and much more a hotel where you have to be professional, committed to your guests and partners, among many other skills. Death_to_stock_kinckerbocker_photography_7

Usual business: called this hotel manager to make an introduction of our service and she said would be better to send an email. Typical fallacy, send me an email and it will not arrive or I will have no time to read it. I called after one week and she said the email did not arrive as I supposed. Offered to send it one more time and asked for confirmation, that she did sent via email, very nice so far.

When I called after 2 days, she does not pick up the phone, not nice to disappear like this, especially in hospitality. Thinking: maybe she is busy today, but I am sure she will not return my call and gave her a chance to reply to my email by writing a new message. In one day time I called again, as the information was still fresh in the inbox and hopefully in her mind. Surprise, surprise, she does not reply, again… then asked via email for response. Nothing so far. Next day, wrote her another email, I am a bit of a stalker when somebody is just disappearing like this , as I am thinking they have broken their legs and can not lift up to call a doctor.

Finally she writes me back saying is not interested. Having this received this message before, would have saved both of us a lot of time 🙂 Then I dared to ask why not? and guess what… her reply is, because we are as a small property with 19rooms (hostels with 3rooms use our system). Moreover, you are a pain in the neck and the fact that you insisted so much, looks very unprofessional and gave the impression you want to sell your service at all costs.

Sell our service? Dear lady, what has been provided was a totally free trial, with the longest time frame you will ever find in the market, at no time we spoke about price or negotiated anything. I bet you were not even knowing what a channel manager solution does.

For all the open minded persons and professional in tourism, please contact me for your free channel manager solution under:


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