How much does a Channel Manager software costs?

2016 we reached a point where any accommodation(Hotel, BnB, Hostel, Holiday Home) should afford a channel manager for centralizing online booking systems. Why? because more and more players are on the market and no company has monopoly as it was in the past.


Any respectable channel manager company is working with the latest technology in terms of two-way XML and is connected to the main channels that bring online reservations and bookings: Expedia,, Agoda, HRS, Hotelbeds, and the list goes on.

Let’s get straight to the point: the average market price is 60-70eur / month. So we talk about annual prices between 720eur per year and may even reach 1.200eur/year. Of course, there are solutions that have a more moderate price around 300-400eur / year

This blog promotes a free channel manager, because any accommodation should afford to experience what it means a cloud based solution that makes live easier

If you have the courage to see what a channel manager can do for you, please write us:

The best way to convince ourselves is by having a look at what other are saying and Quora, that is a forum touching in depth analysis the topic of: How much does hotel channel management software cost? Why wouldn’t even a small boutique hotel use channel management software to manage inventory and bookings?

I especially like the comment of Evan Davies from, that is worth quoting here directly: ‘It not expensive, but many small hoteliers still think that $50 a month is too much when they can do it manually.
Hoteliers think of it as saving $50, instead of saving them a few hours a day for a whole month. Just a mindset thing that needs shifting.’

Our recommendation is: convince yourself by having a test drive.


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