How to use WhatsApp for our Hotel

This post is inspired after a purchase I did on eBay. The seller sent me a brief email with their WhatsApp in case I needed to communicate with them. And indeed I had to, as instead of receiving a cover for my phone, they sent an iPad glass screen protector

Within seconds they  seen my message and responded that it was a mistake: ‘you can keep the apple accessory and we sent you the cover case you paid for’ This was the fastest customer service I ever experienced in my live since buying online. 100% satisfaction warranty and availability from the part of the business owners.

Your hotel is able to replicate this same successful story and make your guest happy in an instant. After you receive an inquiry from them, regarding pricing, availability and other request via WhatsApp, you will be open a communication channel that is so convenient.

For this reason, when you have an inquiry or question, feel free to contact me via WhatsApp under: +49 176 45 88 37 25



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