Despegar registration process

logo-despegar was founded in 1999 by Argentine entrepreneur Roberto Souviron while doing his MBA in the United States. The initial objective was to prevent travelers make long queues at the counters of the airlines for a flight. The projects became successful in short time and expanded rapidly, in 10 months he opened 9 offices in major cities in Latin America. It was one of the first firms to offer users the possibility to purchase a flight online and book a hotel room online. Within a few years other services such as car rental and cruise travel joined. Today is the agency with the largest presence in the region and leading sales in Latin America.
In order to consolidate in Latin continent, absorbed in 2002 its competitor , and generated partnerships with other websites for traffic, like Also closed partnerships to facilitate access to early travelers buying tickets, meals and hotels for parks Disney World Resorts and most recently with Universal Studios

The Registration Process, will explain and show how to list your property/hotel on the booking portal of

Step 1 Fill in digitally the Registration Form:


After you completed your basic details, an automatic message like the one below will appear: ‘Thank you for the registration, an executive will contact you shortly.’


Shopping I’ve done have been reliable without problems’

‘ Excellent
The answer is quick and found the ticket for the day without leaving the house Xiomara

Safe, clear, reliable and successful. Experience’ Rene




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