Atrapalo registration process


Atrapalo is an online reservation website/online travel agency(OTA) with more than 11 years experience in the market that features hotels and other services in their portfolio, like flights, restaurants or concerts. It’s origins are in Spain – Barcelona and has extended to become a reference on the European Market and with a strong expansion into Latin America. provides the opportunity to hotels and properties of 3/4 stars standards to sign a direct agreement and this grants them access to the Atrapalo Extranet which enables you to control the ranking on the portal and achieve higher revenues.

The facts




Registration Process, will explain and show how to list your property/hotel with

Step 1 Fill in digitally the Registration Form:


Step 2 After you submit the basic information via the registration form you will get automatically the following message acknowledging the registration was done successfully. Now is the waiting time until one agent will contact, estimated time is maximum 30 days for a Hotel in Europe.


Interested in being listed in more than 90 websites at the same time? and controlling them form a central calendar… do not hesitate to contact us.


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