how to register hotel with agoda


As an alternative to famous booking websites, Agoda is a strong OTA for the Asian market that gets more and more acceptance in Europe and is a great alternative for hotels and properties from around the world. Recently, I have seen that they are looking for sales manager and account managers that are able to list new properties. Even tough they have some requirements like to be listed on Agoda, like more than 20 rooms and a Credit Card Terminal, I recommend to open an account even when you do not meet the criteria as they are more opened than before seeing that other booking websites are more open to business and they have to keep the pace. Agoda, now  offers an updated online registration process, making it easier for hotels to partner with Agoda.

This article comes to be an update to the old registration process for Agoda, published on this blog. The new procedure is to be accessed on the following link:

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3 – automatic confirmation from Agoda


You will receive 2 emails from Agoda, one with your password and log-in details and other with the confirmation of the registration process that has been recorded into their system.

Maybe you are among many who are trying to publish your hotel on agoda booking platform, is it possible to do that by contacting me via email on: or by leaving a comment on this post.



32 thoughts on “how to register hotel with agoda

  1. Hi I would like to register my hotel with agoda but they mentioned about required to submit bank details. They do not tell me how much they charge for the entire service. Do you have detailed fees from agoda?


  2. Hi. I tried to add my hostel with agoda but everytime I submit, it said : “Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK_product_list_detail ” Could you please advise us and help us register with Agoda ?
    Thank you so much


    1. We are to contact our internal contact in Agoda and help you be listed on their portals for more bookings to come and increase your online visibility. I have just send you an email with the information needed. Thank you for you trust and contacting us. We are at your disposition. Clauzone


    1. Depending on the country where your property is located, there may be different commissions for Agoda. Please send us the link of your website and I will get the local team of Agoda to contact you. Talk soon, Clauzone


  3. I registered with agoda for our resort, i recieved an email to say they were onto it and the local support team would be in touch, sadly after 9 days have had no such support from the local team, would expect better response from a company thats on the ball, will look elsewhere


    1. Dear Kiwi Lodge, there are other alternative reservations websites to Agoda and we will be happy to assist you with onboarding. Let’s have a Skype and we may propose a penetration strategy 🙂 talk soon, Clauzone


  4. Hi am from hotel Dream House from pushkar how can I ad may property on agoda .com if you entrusted to add may property I am in TripAdvisor sir I give best atmosphere to our customers this is may number you can call me on this number 09529603297


  5. We want to publish our Malapascua Beach Resort(AABANA) on agoda booking platform. Its the
    AABANA Beach&Watersport Resort Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines, formerly knoiwn as Mike&Dioses Beachcottage Malapascua.


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