7 rooms and 0 overbookings – Challenge


The challenge: maintain a 7 rooms guest house open for sale in Bookingcom and Expedia at the same time and do not get overbookings while you have tourists coming from the street to book directly?

As a home owner from Canada would describe it: there are many channel manager solutions out there, but I am looking for a website that seems human. That there is somebody behind there you can actually talk with, would reply to your emails and when you feel like calling, you can just pick up the phone and he is there for you.

So, it is not just about high end technology with seamless 2-way-xml connection, cloud based and all the rest of the jargon… who cares about the names. The job needs to be done and the only acceptable result is 0 overbookings.

A call to all property owners, let’s design together the next human centric experience and put the available technology to it’s best use (as a slave for us and not allowing it to domain us)

Contact me for a free consultation: onlinebookingshotels@gmail.com


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