Bedding sheets on Airbnb


Was never a person obsessed by cleanness. If a place looks organized and clean, I can sleep without any second thought. My wife is more conscious about germs and possible bacterias that are around. This was made obvious in our weekend trip when we decided to try out Airbnb. We rented a central room that was spacious, modern and well organized. When we arrived, she started to smell the bed sheets, and the pillows: they all had an old smell, not like the fresh fragrance of detergent you would be expecting. They even looked so wrinkled, that made me doubt.

I have to agree that each one has a different standard for cleanness and meanwhile somebody washes the blanket and bedding linen at 60 degrees to eliminate bacterias, others do it at 40 degrees and 86% of bacteria remains in the bed clothing. I had a closer look at the sheets and they even had some hair on them, mmm. Not very nice, so we had to look for other bedding sheets.

Overall was a great experience sharing the apartment as was so close to the city center and we had some extras in a hotel would have not obtained, and I am still not a cleaning maniac but appreciate a nice fresh smell of cleanness.


  • Wash you bedding at least at 60 degrees
  • Iron them at highest temperature, to kill remaining remaining germs
  • Use pleasant and penetrating fabric conditioner

Channel manager insight: on Airbnb you can even find guest houses, hostels or hostels that post their property. If has a better rate than booking directly or using another booking website, why not bookings them on Airbnb and you have more chances to have higher standard of cleanness when comes to bedding. Always check the reviews in Google, via Tripadvisor and other sources.



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