Starndard VS. derived rates inside Bookingcom

Let’s choose the platform that most bookings brings to any house in this world: bookingcom Also they are the online portal that offers most flexibility when setting up products/offers and packages for the end user. So you could have just one apartment and offer 12 or even 23 different rates(last minute deal, minimum stay, weekly and so on).


Question is, should I offer more than one standard rate? what about 5 different rates for the same rooms. After seeing hundred performance graphs and booking statistics,  the top performing properties are those who offer easy to understand packages/offers for the guest.

Tip: have in mind the end user. What would you buy if you where to travel? Also, would suggest is beneficial to play with the Genius rate in bookingcom, but be careful and do not offer more than 3 rates/room.

What is your experience as a revenue manager, sales manager or house owner?

Channel management insight: elect a cloud based program that allows you to set different rooms rates and connect them to as many booking portals as possible.



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