HostelGeeks – the quest for the 5 star HoStel


‘5 Star Hostels’ Yes, you are right: there is no spelling mistake. Since 3rd of March there is a new premium website awarding HoStels to become 5 Star Hostels based on transparent criteria. These criteria are about great interior design and values like eco-friendliness, and sustainability. Every hostel can apply to become a 5 Star Hostel. However, the criteria and awarding is very exclusive.

After checking the online profile of Hostel Costel(we will come to this later) from Timisoara-Romania. I recognized that aside from being listed among the usual booking websites, he is present on a quite unique platform (design and content wise). Certainly, Hostel Geeks has a good SEO indexation as it appeared on the 1st page of Google. Above famous hostelz and Agoda booking portals.


HostelGeeks is the baby of Anna & Matt, two media professionals living in Barcelona, and for my surprise, they are real geeks, looking for the best places to stay at, generate relevant high quality content for the end user (me and you), add a great design for you to get an idea of the 5 Star Hostel, and actively share their expertise on Social Media.

For my surprise they are very active and collaborative with a fast reply rate (would say the fastest from the industry) Matt has showed a great sense of humor and humanity during our several conversations. He also disclosed the keys on how to become a 5 Star Hostel: Apart from great looks & interior design (nowadays everybody can look great) the hostel has to be:

  1. sustainable & eco-friendly
  2. awesome design
  3. unique
  4. social
  5. great staff

Every 5 Star Hostel has also to offer the following basic facilities:

  • Kitchen for the travelers to use
  • Social Events
  • Private Rooms and Dorms available
  • Free WiFi

The benefit of getting awarded as a 5 Star Hostels is adding reputation to your hostels branding. The HostelGeeks community is more than 22.000 subscribers strong, and more than 20.000 social follower, and an excellent network of professional bloggers – everything since they launch back in march 2015 (and more to come) as this is just the beginning.

Matt pointed out that they are not doing social media for the Hostels, but with them. All 5 Star Hostels are strong partners of Hostelgeeks.

Channel Manager insight: apart from being present on main booking platforms/websites, use the power of marketing by creating great content, be listed on various portals for interlinks and work on a professional website for direct bookings via your booking engine.



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