Travelling, the sleeping drug inside my vains


Traveling was a sleeping ‘drug’ inside my veins that I discovered since very young. I experimented first discoveries with my family and then at school during holidays, during my years as a global jumper and international-exchange student. With every opportunity that crossed my way.

As I grew up, traveling has become part of my life, to discover new places, people and cultures. Evaded from the old and embraced the new. Feel the vibe and connection with humanity on a global scale. Bring home stories and experiences that money can not buy, that feeling of satisfaction after you conquered a new city, with its own design, architecture that is an opened book about the people who lived there and the persons that live there day by day. It is a challenge and provocation to get out of your comfort zone, understand that you have no limits and build a strong confidence in own achievements.

Your batteries are recharged and with full energy for live, new challenges and projects, due to your last trip. Already planning the next escape…

What does traveling mean to you?


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