How to list your hotel on Google Hotel Finder

You are using the giant of search for trivial aspects in your life, what about having same central source when planning your holiday in Sarajevo Bosnia:


Lately, there is a huge expectation from the development done by Google. There are 3 updates made recently with the respective benefits for your property:

new search experience – more map-driven data that should drive more interaction on the hotel search results overall, and could potentially drive increases in traffic and booking conversions.
Google Hotel Ads Commission Program combines the benefits and reach of Google Hotel Ads with the hotels’ existing commission programs by making the hotels’ best available retail rates searchable and bookable on Google
crowdsourcing more information about hotels on Mobile through brief surveys. With this kind of streamlined experience, it’s conceivable that Google could build out an incredibly rich data set around hotels which go further than just listing amenities. This can be seen in the example of pictures and reviews already gathered for a full picture:
So it is of great gain to have this listing active and there are few steps to do:
1. Create a Google Local Page
2. Connect Your Hotel to a GDS or OTA
3. Update your content
All this steps are indicated in more details under bookingsuite guide. Feel free to check as you may have asked yourself: how to be present on Google hotel finder.

Channel Manager insight: connect as many OTAs or booking websites to increase your product offer and choices for the travelers that check your property profile


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