3 new alternatives to AirBnB

airbnb-alternative AirBnB is a total phenomenon that has turned the hospitality business, by opening a new market niche that was not explored before and entering in direct competition with hotels. Are you fan of staying local in a cosy flat or rent some affordable stylish accommodation? Then you must be aware of 9flats, Wimdu or FlipKey

But there are top players coming to battle in the market and they are:

1. OnefineStay – founded with 40 million dollars by Hyatt Hotels

2. LoveHomeSwap – with collaboration of Wyndham Hotels

3. Stay – Intercontinental Hotels Group is backing up the project.

It is clear that prominent hotels are looking to create an alternative to AirBnB platform. Question is, who will become 2nd after the market leader?

Channel Management insight

The challenge for the new upcoming channel manager solution will be to spot the potential right away and besides the main OTA offer early integrations to all the apartment/holiday rentals portals. Offer a central calendar to control all of them in one click.

Vision – when they register with your channel manager / online gate or call it whatever you want. The property owner should automatically be listed in all the above mentioned booking websites. Who will be doing that?


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