Convert reception personnel in main distribution channel

The below note from Doug Kennedy is of great interest from the perspective of a distribution manager and provide channel management insight for the online gate:

‘If your hotel has on-site reservations this is also an opportunity, as experience shows that calls are often transferred unnecessarily even when the office is staffed. Ironically, instead of fielding calls they are often busy entering—or proofreading—third-party extranet bookings. Addressing this issue can save call center booking costs and also improve your call conversion, as on-site agents should be able to convert at a higher level than central reservations ‘
frontdesk manager
How can you save call center booking costs and improve call conversion? Provide proper training for your staff and for the price of a dinner you can have a fully operational cloud based channel manager solution that will take the load of your front desk and reception staff. They can concentrate in being the best on the call instead of being under pressure to proofread extranet bookings.
centralize everything, all the booking extra nets, via one central access point to sent rates and availabilities with a click.


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