High and Low price thresholds when booking a room

An interesting study evaluating 32 people’s eye tracking patterns of leisure travelers who had booked a hotel online in the last six months by
Stephani K.A. Robson, senior lecturer at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and her research partner Breffni Noone, reveal the following:
People have high and low price thresholds
The study revealed that tourists had already in mind a price they didn’t want to go over and a price they didn’t want to go under, and they concentrated on brand name the most.
“This idea of minimizing risk and if I have a bad experience, I know they’ll take care of me,” Noone said.
For example, one participant said: “(Brand name), I mean I feel like they’re kind of the McDonald’s. You always know what you’re going to get there. It’s pretty standard no matter what (brand name) you go into.”
 Is to be highlighted that brand name was important in terms of the consistency and types of experiences that they were going to get in the hotel.
Channel Management insight
Create your own Brand Name by introducing personalized designed decoration and services that cater the needs of every tourist that books with you, from something small as a chocolate or a local souvenir will remember of his stay.
Be present in as many booking websites as possible for increased online presence and branding. If creating a profile is hard or you get no replies, feel free to contact me.

personalized touch


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