channel manager in

With time, I found out that can be tricky finding the channel manager option inside Let us see a step by step guide on how to do it in less than 2 minutes

1. Go to and log-in with your property ID and passoword


Click on START because you already have a provider you want to connect and write the name of the company for the connection to be established.


2. Your will be asked to accept the term and conditions and you will arrive at step 3 Now is on the side of the channel manager to confirm you as a partner and the configurations can be finalized.


Once you finished the setting of the rooms and offers just like in and have updated your availability calendar. You are ready to Confirm step 4 and 5 that will enable you to control from inside the channel manager.

Process flow:

A – is sending the xml connection to the channel manager within aprox 30minutes.

B – You have finished the configurations inside the channel manager within 15-30 minutes and double checked the settings. Then you are ready to have it connected within hours time – given you have no derived rates, closed with RED

Enjoy the new ride.


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