Best room rate – How far in advance should you book your hotel room?

When you are taking a flight, you are asking yourself how far in advance do you have to book in order to get the best rate? Maybe you are asking yourself is the same rule applies when booking a hotel room for your holidays. Yes, it does but depends on the location as mentioned by a study from Trivago, the biggest meta search engine.


‘UK, hotels should be booked 4-5 weeks in advance for the cheapest rates.

Hotels in Spain should be booked the furthest in advance (4-7 weeks), followed by Italy (3-6 weeks), Germany (3-4 weeks) and finally France (2-5 weeks), where hotels can be booked just a fortnight in advance for the best prices.

When booked within these parameters, prices are generally below the monthly average, irrespective of the month of travel. This means that these guidelines can be applied for summer and winter travel alike.

All data is based on travel months from January to December and price data from the past two years. Country platforms UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany were considered.’



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