How to manage online bookings – should I outsource?


This idea was spinning in the head of revenue and marketing managers for quite a long time: how to manage efficiently the online bookings? Should I do it myself? or outsource it. What I found on the industry is several errors and barriers:

1. The property is listed just in and are satisfied with just one booking website. Is this a smart strategy? Would not really say so, when you are relying just on one provider. Maybe the provider changes their ranking algorithms, your price can be too high and you are not listed on the first page or your reputation on that portal is low and people that search by reviews are not seeing your property. I strongly recommend to have at least 3 different booking websites, so that when one fails, the other are very active and you are in business all time.

2. For one room I have 5, 7 or 10 offers. You obviously do not know what you are selling. Most properties have a dirty working space in and are not aware how the extra net works. If you do not know what you are selling, how would the client know what to buy? They will get confused with too many offers and jump to another property where it is easier to select the rooms he wants.

3. Where to sell your property? which portals work the best? There are few players that drive most of the business and having an average of 5-6 channels connect will boost your sales extremely. But you need to know where to sell, take time to open accounts, do configurations. All the effort to prepare for higher return.

Would you do it by yourself? or outsource it to other company that has all the contacts?  along with expertise on the market


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