2 online distribution players in Poland

Claudiu Simina

May 13, 2015

Poland is a mature market that has seen great development when comes to online distribution. The hotels are present in more than 3 websites as an average and control the booking websites with the help of a Channel Manager. The two major players in the market are from Poland:

1. YieldPlanet

They have recently changed their website and image to a more modern one keeping the same corporate color, light blue that smells fresh and is relaxing. The website has some moving images that catch the attention of the user. yeldplanet

They are in the market since 2009. Sales offices are located in United States, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Argentina, and Romania.

2. Profitroom

Website is very formal and plays with the dark blue color. Has a banner on their website acknowledging the changes done by Google for the mobile friendly websites on 21st of April.


I have seen several booking engines from them that are very captivating and easy to follow. Great job in having a forefront solution to make you want to book directly.

It seems that the company is 2009 as well and are based in Poznan.

Along with the 2 main players from the Polish market, there is MappingMaster , fresh new project with over a year in the international market. The core values are the Swiss quality as the headquarters are in Bern – Switzerland and uses a German engine that has been in the market for more than 12 years.



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