Learn from Belgrade how to make your property successful

Belgrade - Beograd - success

Belgrade or Beograd is the capital and largest city of Serbia with a population of 1.5 million inhabitants. I discovered this beautiful and fascinating city by causality as was close to where I was located during one summer and since 3 years ago when we first met, I am still thinking about this location. Today, I am thinking not just about the natural beauty and the fact that  is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, but from a business perspective.

It’s people have fascinated me from the first moment as they are attentive and offered a good service with a smile on their face. Some days ago, I started to contact Serbia in order to offer a cloud based solution that helps you achieve more reservations from Germany, UK and the rest of the world by centralizing all your online bookings into one single calendar/agenda. Very simple to use system, that saves you hours of work and reduce human error.

Since the first calls, I already had a good feeling that they will understand the concept and they did. Within few calls we had the first person registering and using the service. Same morning, a lady has seen the potential of online distribution with our technology and also joined. Later, after few hours, I receive a call from Stefan that tells me that he thinks what we have is a good offer and wants me to walk him all the way through the system, wow. Is that not amazing?

What would make your property and business successful?

1. Adopt new ideas. Listen, look and be open to new projects.

2. Take immediate action, after you spotted the potential.Opportunities do not come a second time.

3. Be ready to be successful, because your worked hard to adopt a new idea, have decided and most important have implemented it.




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