Draugu namai / Friends house potential for improvement

Draugu Namai

Claudiu Simina

April 09, 2015

Pleasantly surprised with the website of Draugu Namai / Friends house: http://www.draugunamai.lt , simple and straight forward page with direct bookings button that help avoid booking commissions. Also, there is a link to TripAdvisor to know the reputation of the property, before getting there you will know what to expect by reading the reviews. Last comments was from 3 weeks ago and is good to experiment the involvement of the quests that is quite recent.

Last update on Facebook was from December, so in here needs more posts to keep the place interesting and bubbling.

In Booking.com has 9.1 review score that is quite a high value and also boasts with recent reviews that are just few days old.

So, would recommend staying at the property in Druskininkai, Lithuania as has a good reputation and modern facilities with cool design. I am wondering, what would be the impact on the reservations this awesome property received from online tourists if the property would be listed in Expedia to reach an international audience. Also the HRS portal would be a great addition for German tourists.

These ‘small’ actions would have a huge impact in the number of reviews from Tripadvisor along with an increased booking rate. After having more than just one booking website, the property could manage all the online bookings with the help of a channel manager solution.








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