Hotelreservierung, Ab-in-den-urlaub and Reisen registration process

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Claudiu Simina

February 20, 2015

UNISTER group has reached excellence by positioning itself as the biggest travel e-commerce in Germany, being present in the global market with over 10 million unique users each month. Truly a successful operator in the industry that each property should include in their portfolio.

sites-portfolioRegistration Process

Click on the following link provided by the booking operator:

1. Fill-in the basic information of the property


An automatic message as the following will be appearing on the Ultranet webiste


2. Straight away after registration you will be receiving 2 emails.

a) All the steps to have your property listed, well explained like in the below image. Along with the related documents in PDF: contract, marketing presentation and the rest


It is so cool to have a direct number to call and an email where you can write back regarding any questions and to follow on the process. This information should be offered by every extranet straight away after you register so that you know the stage of your application.

b) Log-in details and password is being produced and delivered on the moment.

Dear Mr Claudiu Simina,

Your access data for login to our ULTRANET :

Hotel-ID: 8X7X4
hotel name: Channel Manager


Benutzer: drXYqv55X8X0
Passwort: “xTXr1xp\” (Attention! Please do not copy the quotation marks, which surround the password!)

Please ensure a secure, accurate and at all times accessible handling only for authorized persons.

If you are working with a channel manager, please be so kind and forward this to your contact person to ensure a correct connection. For introduction to channel management, please see the previous article.
3. In few minutes after receiving the password you can access your own personal area and change your password to a new one for more security.Enjoy the ride and connect a Channel Manager in order to help you better administrate your 3 or 4 booking websites. See below how it looks.



it has everything to my satisfaction


Reply from
Monday, February 2, 2015
Dear Paula,

Thank you for your feedback. We are pleased that we were able to bring you one step closer to your dream trip with our service.
With kind regards
Your team of

Also, is nice to experiment that the booking website platform has a dedicated person to follow it’s only reputation and respond to the feedback and reviews left by content and discontent customers.



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