Online Booking Calendar as your first reservations channel

booking-button-dvortacenClaudiu Simina

February 12, 2015

You have already invested a lot of money and resources in building an attractive website, for online presence with Google and to attract tourist. Your main objective is to have as many direct bookings as possible. For this, you have placed the property’s phone number in a visible place and highlighted your email address. Still, not many people call you as estimated, even fewer send you an email(who reads all the emails? , they even get lost most of the times:(

It was surprising to discover that the so called ‘booking button’ or the online booking calendar is in most of the cases the main driver of revenue for a property. Why? As tourists and consumers, we like to be well informed and check the accommodation on the main known platforms and booking websites to inform ourselves about where we will be staying during the holiday. On the online booking platforms, we find really nice pictures. We read and are influenced by reviews, as mentioned in an earlier article.

We have selected a property and done our homework, it is the time to visit the website of the property to see if booking directly will get us a better deal.

Once we have the option to book on the website, why should we send an email or even call the property. I prefer to make a direct booking in order to have more immediate contact with the property and eliminate the ‘middle man’ from the equation. I feel more secure that the booking is processed.

So, when having the option to book with a professional booking calendar, you may be surprised how many people will be using this reservations channel.




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