Hotwire registration process

Claudiu Simina

February 04, 2015

Made it into the market in 2000. Hotwire is a discount travel website that offers low prices on airfare, hotel, rental cars, and vacation packages by selling off unsold travel inventory at discounted prices.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Hotwire, Inc. is an operating company of Expedia also operates,, and Egencia.

Registration Process

1. Click on the following link and fill in the form of Hotwire:

Hotwire-enrollment form

2. Give in to the booking website: the property information


3. Continue with the property type


4 th step of this booking platform is regarding Amenities


5 Last step comes into play with commission structure and taxes to be paid


And voila, you have successfully been registered and it takes around 2 weeks to be contacted and have the account ready to use. At the moment the Expedia Inc. is working on making this process faster.

The following confirmation message awaits you. Is nice that there is an email address you can write to and a telephone number to call in case nobody contacts you:



Every time we booked (and we booked a lot) with Hotwire the hotel was above and beyond our expectations. Their customer service is excellent and they were very thoughtful when we needed to cancel a non-refundable reservation due to emergency. We will definitely continue ordering there.
As the average score of this booking platform is lower than of the other booking website revised in this blog, I recommend you have a look regarding the customer service and other aspects to deal with directly on Google



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