How online reviews and feedback drive more bookings

Claudiu Sorin Simina

You can drive more bookings using a reviews system directly integrated into your property’s website. A recent statement from Nellie Akalp, contributor on Forbes magazine, begins with this powerful statement:

 ‘A Google review can shape your business far more than a Google Ad. According to a Zendesk survey, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews.’

There is no doubt regarding the influence that feedback is having on our decisions. The reputation and our holiday feeling of a property is shaped by what we read online. As a tourist, I always check the reviews of the property that will have the pleasure to have me as a guest  for my next holiday. I use multiple tools to get an accurate picture of what it feels like to stay at your property.

In order to get the best rate possible, I go to the meta search of Trivago, where I can select the option to book a hotel based on the rating score it has obtained.


As there is rate parity, given the fact that all products or rooms are the same and have the same prices. I first go to to check it’s reputation. This is a reference for me to compare it’s image on various booking platforms.


Thinks to be attentive to: number of reviews(a lower score with over 50 reviews is better than a high score with 10 reviews), date of the last review (if the last feedback is from 2012, you should check if the property still exists 🙂 , positive reviews give me a first image about how the location, property and service will be, negative reviews are alarm signals regarding management, the showers and beds.

Next platform I check is Expedia, given its international audience. As you see here, the number of reviews is less, means that a lower number of international guests have booked the property when compared to the European counterparts.


HRS is to be checked as the well traveled German tourists can bring some insight not seen on other online booking websites.


As a last resource, I go to their own website. Where for my surprise I see they have a very attractive website with a booking engine where I can see if a better rate plan is available. Moreover, what is of interest is, to see they have Tripadvisor for their rating score. Of course, I check the same parameters again.


As seen so far, a reviews is shaping your property image more than a Google Ad words campaign. Your property has the possibility to build a solid image projecting its real qualities by using the professional services of a feedback company. This review company can help increase the number of reviews, interact in a better way with their customers, know their preferences and use them for marketing purposes and reflect a positive and professional image. As a choice there are several providers specialized in the industry. Just to mention a few:

Also the following white paper gives a short introduction into the world of reviews:


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