3 Things I Do before Traveling

TOP 3 things I do before traveling

Claudiu Simina

January 26, 2015


Before starting traveling, there is a certain routine I follow:

  1. I go to Wikipedia and find out how many people live in that place. So that I have a first feeling of the new place I will visit. I like the structure of the articles provided by the online encyclopedia. It gives me a bit of background by telling where the name came from, its origins, tells something about the history of the place, sometimes too much history that I get overwhelmed; you can sense I do not have a special connection with history.

I eagerly go to the contemporary culture, the transportation system. Architecture is something that really gets my attention and fascinates me. There is a proverb from the architecture industry, says something down the line: ‘the buildings are like an open book to the culture and civilization that lived there’

Last and not least, I scan through the tourists attractions and look at the climate to prepare well.

  1. I go to Google images and type in the name of the city. This overview gives me a first impression on how the place would look like, if a romantic destination with old buildings and fancy streets is or if in contrast is a modern place with technology at its forefront.


3. After knowing the background of the place, I look for things to do in websites like: Spotted by Locals or Unlike. If I want to be more selective and have a wide choice menu, I type in Google: things to do in… The search giant has optimized this function and displays main touristic points on the top of the page with an image associated to the cultural places to visit.

When wanting to get in more detail, Tripadvisor can be an useful guide for hotel booking, restaurant picking or cultural places to visit. In addition I look at LonelyPlanet or one of the local social websites like Timeout or Yelp.

Recently I have discovered the Booking.com destination finder that offers a structured guide regarding shopping, places to eat, sights to visits, transportation, party venues and so on. It is a veritable read to get inspired as all the interface is composed by reviews from guests that traveled and stayed at the given location.


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