Bedandbreakfastworld registration process


Claudiu Simina

December 30, 2014

Over 26,000 properties have joined the network of They bring you the largest choice of B&Bs and guest houses available to book online. was developed by Web Reservations International, the parents of the popular website Hostel World

Registration Process

1. Click on the following link provided by bedandbreakfastworld


2. You will get access to the full form and there is a nice message above that says that if you do not have time to complete everything, you can just fill out the basic information and they will call you back to complete the process.

Form-complete registration

3. After you submitted the basic information, a thank you message will be displayed, showing that your sign-up has been completed. Now is the time to wait for them to contact you in order to be live on the booking website.


Within few seconds, you will be receiving and automated email with the following message: there is no number or email to contact them. So wait for their reply, as they are proficient in opening accounts. If nothing happens, contact me as I will see the status of your account.


Target Market

International coverage. In case you want to reach even more tourists, also see the possibility to open accounts with the affiliate websites of Web Reservations International. Please see a guide for




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