Channel management – the ‘online gate’ to booking websites


Claudiu Simina

20 January, 2015

Channel management is the ‘online gate’ to booking websites like, Expedia or HRS. After creating an account with a channel manager company, you will create the rooms and rate plans to be offered to the online booking websites.

What is channel management? Google offers a business definition of the concept, meanwhile a more specific meaning of the term, focused on the hospitality industry, is provided by all channel manager providers.

Opening an ‘online gate’ with a channel manager provider, grants you the privilege to gain more online presence by being present not just in but on as many website as you want. Why not concentrating on the German market with, or Feratel? The US and UK market can be reached through Expedia, Orbitz or TravelRepublic. What about big part of the Asian market? Agoda may be the perfect fit. So, by having a channel manager, you do not have to worry about overbookings and who will be closing the availability, the distribution is done simultaneously through the channel manager, and you receive all the bookings in one single place.

The following terms and benefits will offer you a more specific definition of channel management:

  • two-way XML connections, with various distribution partners and system providers for seamless updates
  • one central cockpit or cloud based application, with a single login for al sites
  • simultaneously update of rates & availability online in one click
  • increase the number of partner sites and therefore increase your visibility or maximizing online exposure
  • increase revenue by driving more bookings
  • reduce the risk of over-bookings
  • reduce the time and cost it takes to update rooms
  • reduce Manual Error – Maintain rate e plans to reduce manual interference during updates
  • effective way to maintain rate parity through all sites
  • all inventory is reduced across all sites when a booking is made from any site
  • reduce Manual Error – maintain rate e plans to reduce manual interference during updates



4 thoughts on “Channel management – the ‘online gate’ to booking websites

    1. Hello, thank you for reading my article regarding the online gate to online booking websites. Please find the pricing structure of the various channel managers providers:
      Siteminder, for 1 to 20 rooms you will be paying 59euros/month
      MappingMaster, for 1 to 20 or even 200 rooms, you will be paying an average of 25euros/month
      Erevmax does not offer their pricing public into their webpage. You will have to request a demo to discover their price structure


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